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July 1, 2010

Xavier Barrade

Xavier Barrade is doing some really interesting work blurring the line between installation/gallery art and digital manipulation. His project ‘Retrospective’ is a series of images intended to outline a career of installation art touching on a variety of subjects. Of course none of the work was ever physically created or installed in gallery spaces. This makes you question not only the validity of the images themselves but whether documentation of actually installations can be referred to as art. Installations are inherently experiential in that the work is dependent not only it’s own presence but also on the environment in which it’s viewed. So can you refer to a photograph of said installation as art? Or is it something different? Does it fall more inline with objectivism or journalism?

What’s wonderful about Xavier’s work is that it throws into question the whole notion of experiencing art. I truly adore any form of creativity that offers some sort of self-referential nod. Whether it be Kaufman’s voice over narration inĀ  ‘Adaptation’, the deconstructivism in ‘Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job’, or a damned urinal by Duchamp – the thread remains the same & I love it.

P.S. I filed this post under ‘Installation’ art. Deal with that, suckers!

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