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March 17, 2010

Second Birthday Giveaway: Results

Phew. That was big. 350 responses to our birthday giveaway!! Yowzas!

Thank you to everyone that entered & if you didn’t win this time, there will be plenty more opportunities this year, we promise! Now, before we get on with it, we need to recognize & thank our gracious sponsors one last time. Here’s to Urban Outfitters, Photojojo, AMMO Magazine, Blackarm Bespoke, Will Bryant, and RageHaus! Bravo!

Winners announced after the jump!

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July 6, 2009

Hello Operator: Winners!!


A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone that took the time to enter. A lot of people said that blog readers would be too lazy to actually call in… but what do they know!

We’ve taken a handful of our favorite messages and posted them in the player, so make sure you take a listen! As a reminder, we’ll have a new topic every week for you to call in and rant about – keep a watchful eye on the Hello Operator section in our sidebar.

We’re sorry we couldn’t grant everyone with their giveaway wish, but we’ve got plenty more giveaways brewing for the future, so come back and try again!

Without further delay, here are the results (which were scientifically chosen from a hat at random).

Megan W.  wins… Tim Lytvinenko‘s 10 piece photo set!
Matthew S. wins… Jardin de Ninos  poster #1!
Bryce A. wins… Jardin de Ninos  poster #4!
Tiffany P. wins… Plastique Jewelry Set!
Jordie B. wins… Hannah Stouffer pillow hotness!
Josh C. wins… Right Brain Terrain ‘Grow’ poster!
Amelia D. wins… Jardin de Ninos  poster #3!
Jim Todd wins… Sycamore Street poster!
Victor L. wins… Right Brain Terrain ‘Teamwork’ poster!
Andy M. wins…  Barehanded Press gift certificate!
Jaime W. wins… Richard Perez (Skinny Ships) poster!
Gentlemen Kevin L. wins… the ridiculously popular Mark Weaver poster!
Your Mom wins… Flytrap Studios Napkins!
Marija M. wins… Jardin de Ninos  poster #2!
Mary Stack wins… Two Brunettes shop gift certificate!

We’ll be in touch with the winners shortly via email. Congratulations and thanks again!!