It’s Thursday. I’m a bit pissy. So here’s my boo list for today:

Fighting shirts- Attention UFC, WEC, UEC, MMA, GJJ fighters. STOP WEARING SHIRTS WITH 85 VELVET FONTS ON THEM. I’m talking to you AFFLICTION. You’re, uh, afflicting my style sense. Ouch. That hurts.

Alexa Chung- Why didn’t you let Michelle from Best Week Ever finish her really hilarious sentences? Why did you always have to interrupt with your really contrived sentences? Why do you look a little dirty all the time?

Frank Black – Frank Black, I own like fifty solo albums of yours and there are 2 songs I like. You fail. As a songwriter and as a person.

Bears – I’m just really sick of bears. Except for these guys in the window of Bergdorf Goodman.

Just Chill.

They’re cool.