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May 10, 2010

Nicole Guice

Fashion-y’all know I live by that shit. Illustrations often stop me dead in my tracks. The effortlessly gorgeous way Nicole Guice combines them-well, let’s just say I am equal parts obsessed (this image is my desktop for both of my monitors), proud (Nicole is in that very special class of “talented female”), and jealous (I have since bought 75 tubes of watercolors but just keep drawing dumb triangles and clouds, ugh). Regardless, I love her work.

Plus, if you visit her site, you can read about how cool she is. I hear she is on the market for a handbag design job. Dear NYC – please hire Nicole. She is awesome. Plus, she’s one of those exceptionally rare people that are honestly talented and…really nice.

More of Nicole’s work after the jump…

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June 10, 2009

Eoin McHugh


Eoin is an Irish artist living & working in Dublin. He works in a range of mediums and aesthetics, but I’m a huge fan of his watercolor & acrylic drawings. Take a while looking through all of his drawings, there’s something slightly demented/magical about all of them; great stuff. Oh, and while you there, be sure to check out his ‘Dome’ sculpture made entirely of white chocolate…