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August 10, 2011

move, eat, learn

So 3 guys, in 44 days, traveled to 11 countries, with 2 cameras and captured almost a terabyte of footage…

After some seriously hardcore editing and probably 20 redbulls, they were able to pull together three 60 second narratives that clearly define travel. ( excluding all the layover and waiting shenanigans)

Each short film features a unique style of storytelling.  MOVE uses a bunch of tightly spliced clips that work together in a stop motion manner. EAT begins with a split screen of plated dishes and then shifts to close ups of them begin devoured/enjoyed. LEARN tells the best narrative and seems to have the strongest message of connecting with the cultures of countries visited.

If you didn’t have wanderlust before, you sure do now. Check out more of Director Rich Merrki’s work on tumblr


July 22, 2011

People and Places – Araminta de Clermont

I can’t remember how I found Araminta’s work exactly but I can remember that my first thought was it’s the places you’re willing to go to, the people you’re willing to talk to that make you a great photographer. Photography is kind of common, amateur these days and by these days I guess you could argue that means all the days after Kodak began weeding out professional equipment and replacing it with point and shoot snapshot toys even a child can use. Not that I don’t use them myself on the daily. Not that amatuers aren’t snapping beautiful, captivating pictures.

So if it’s not the equipment that separates the pros from the bros, then I think maybe it has to do more with courage, adventure and plain old, undying curiosity about people and places all over the world, no?

More of Araminta’s curious work after the jump.

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January 7, 2011

Puerto Rican Postcards

When we went to Puerto Rico on our honeymoon this past September, we stumbled into a convenience store somewhere in Old San Juan to find some postcards to send to friends. Among the usual sea-beach-vacation-tequila themed cards, we found these gems with about two inches of dust on them each. I don’t exactly know what I love so much about them, I just like the snapshot in time. PR in the 70s? Kind of amazing…

More postcards after the jump.

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