David Wolpert, German Graphic Designer living in Mannheim, has created a diploma thesis of another level.

As I remain in awe of this perfectly concepted, executed and presented body of work, I have to resort to quoting directly from his site:

What would be, if
…the perfect Utopia exists? A state suggesting and producing the »perfect« society for its citizens in form of a consumer paradise? Everybody could devote himself to the pleasure of purchasing and consuming, seemingly unhindered and according to his free will, and thus could experience the »happiness on Earth«.
But what would be, if…this sparkling Utopia behind the brilliant facade would be a dystopia in reality and the seemingly free choice of offers would be the directed and manipulated result of a giant surveillance and control machinery? My diploma thesis deals with a society within a historically departing parallel world. You can see a sort of Switzerland whose inhabitants are almost completely observed, manipulated and controlled. By accident one of its citizens gets several fragments of a file about his own person. Quickly this citizen realizes that all his former life and all freely made decisions had been manipulated and were thus controlled by the system.

See below and here for further details on his thesis.

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