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April 30, 2012


So, I found this post on Booooooom last week and I couldn’t stop thinking about it or singing it in my head. I took a look at the comments and a lot of people remarked that this whole vocal loop thing is old, old news – which is true. I’ve even experimented with a loop and drum machine once. It was in college. Whatever.

In case this isn’t old news to you, here are a bunch of really great contenders mainly from the Roland Loop Station festival (which is a big deal in most places outside of the US. Just like soccer. Or football). However, the artists below may be proud prize winners but I still think they pale in comparison to Kawehi’s brilliance in song choice and straight sweetly vocaled finesse. See, she made the song even better than the original.


April 9, 2010

I feel like Dying: Design today

There is a seriously interesting conversation going on right now about the Dying Art of Design – that phrase taken from the article of the same name written by Francisco Inchauste, posted over on Smashing Mag. If I can water down the argument for the sake of brevity, it’s basically about the fact that designers nowadays know less, touch less and as a result, are less…inspired and inspiring.  I’m wondering how you guys feel about this.

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August 7, 2009


Yeah it’s Friday. Don’t even think I’m gonna say “T.G.I.F. Y’all!” NO WAY. You know what, I still get bummed out on Fridays. It’s totally possible. Plus, that giddy little phrase was exiled from me forever since I once had to wear striped suspenders, crouch down at a table and offer things like “Spalunky Munky Milkshakes.”  Shove it, TGIF.
Anyway, after the jump is a list of this week’s soul destroyers: The Amazon Kindle, Vampires and Twitter.


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February 23, 2009

Twitter, Social Bookmarks, etc.

Image: Yiying Lu's lovely and iconic Fail Whale

Close observers may have noticed that there are a row of icons at the bottom of each OkayGreat post, and that the sidebar now has a Twitter feed. These have been added to assist you, dear reader, in keeping tabs on OkayGreat.

Since we were talking about Twitter (among others), it seemed only reasonable to highlight the images of artist/illustrator Yiying Lu, whose iconic Fail Whale illustration is so popular among users that it even has its own fan club.