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March 19, 2009

Top Ten Bands to see at SXSW


Sadly, I won’t be attending South By Southwest this year BUT I can still pick my top ten bands to see because this is the internet and I can do what I want.

So, here it is, my 2009 Top Ten Bands to see at SXSW:

10.  NY Dolls (Friday @ Smokin’ Music):  There are lots of classic bands playing this SXSW (Dinosaur Jr., Echo & The Bunnymen, Wayne Kramer, etc) but if I had to choose just one, it’d be the NY Dolls.  They really pay homage to a career past in their set.  Unlike Dino Jr. who also play material off their mediocre reunion album.

9.  DJ Shadow exclusive DJ set (Stubbs on Friday):  If this means that Shadow is just DJ’ing music he likes and not performing, oh my god.  The most legendary digger in the history of turntables, the man will make it worth your while.

8.  Titus Andronicus (Saturday @ Club de Ville):  Loud, abrasive energy from these upstarts.  Drink 17 PBR’s and hang from some rafters.

7.  PJ Harvey (Saturday @ Stubbs):  Her guitars are larger than she is but PJ Harvey will rip your soul straight out of your body.

6. Al Kapone (Thursday @ Dirty Dog Bar):  The man that Terrence Howard’s character in Hustle and Flow is based on.  He also wrote most of the music for the film.  It’s my opinion that most southern hip hop is crappy but Al Kapone has weird moments (lamenting over his father’s death) that make him worth a listen.

5.  dead prez (Saturday @ Austin Music Hall):  It’s dead prez.  If you get the chance to see them perform “Hip Hop” before you die, do it.

4. Adam Stephens of Two Gallants (Friday @ Mohawk):  Like the blues?  Cool.  Punk?  Cool.  Rock and roll?  Cool.  Folk?  Cool.  Interested in checking out a musician that combines all of the above without being kitschy or derivetive?  Go and see this soft spoken gentleman and his weirdness.

3.  Big Boi (Thursday @ Austin Music Hall):  His new solo album is going to be called “Sir Luscious Left Foot”.  Unlike his former partner, Andre 3000, Big Boi isn’t just aspiring to be an insane genius.  He is one.

2.  Wild Light (Thursday @ Emo’s):  The band that released the most painfully infectious song of 2009 thus far (“California on my Mind”).  Where their new album, Adult Nights waivers a bit in soft production, their live show makes up lost ground.  Loud & powerful, check them out before they have a hit song on a teen drama.

1.  American Princes (Thursday @ Speakeasy):  Still one of the most underrated rock and roll bands out there.  Granted, Magnet chose their album as Best of 2008 but how many of your friends listen to them?  Probably not many.  Catch their frenetic live show and pick up any of their stellar albums.

So there it is.  Honorable mention to these shows that happened yesterday: Circle Jerks, The Dicks w/ David Yow, Heartless Bastards, Roky & The Black Angels.

Who do YOU want to see?

Parting words:  Please avoid Billy Bob Thorton at all costs and don’t get excited about “Sleep” playing.  It’s not the legendary band that put out “Jerusalem”, it’s a no name hip hop act from Oregon.  Boo.

Check out the SXSW website for further details.