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December 22, 2010

new year. new calendar.

It’s almost 2011! That means it’s almost time for new calendars and planners! Even though I usually abandon/lose my planners before January is even over, I like to try to start out the year pretending that I’m going to be organized.

Here are a few of my favorite Etsy calendar finds:

top left: letterpressed wall calendar by Yeehaw
top right: weekly planner by Lily Jane Stationery
bottom left: monthly pocket planner by Dozi
bottom right: illustrated desk calendar by Red Bean Design


January 8, 2010

you can afford it friday


If you’re like me, you’re starting to feel a little guilty about the thank you cards you haven’t yet written for Christmas  gifts. Here are some cards from a few of my favorite stationery shops to get you going!

[1] curiosity shoppe, 8 for $13.50 [2] bloom by smock, 6 for $14, [3] bigwig & silver, 6 for $12 [4] hammerpress, 6 for $12 [5] jessicagm, 4 for $8 [6] linda & harriett, 6 for $14 [7] bailey doesn’t bark, 8 for $18 [8] night owl, 6 for $7, [9] set editions, $3

‘Til next week! As always with OK Great features, if you have a submission we’d love to hear about it. You Can Afford It Fridays submissions or round-up ideas can be sent to me (Ellie) at mintdesignblog [at] gmail [dot] com.


August 14, 2009

our work: solay


We just got this stationery back from the printer for Solay Counseling & Research Center. This project was interesting because I had to [very carefully] figure out how to replicate the multiply effect as a two color print job. It was also exciting to print on the envelope flap. Now we just have to get the website launched!