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June 28, 2012

Redesign Giveaway #2

Still standing after Round 1!? Well pack #2 should put ya on your back.

The Best Part – Day and Night in San Francisco

Jason Dean of The Best Part is an old friend of the blog who actually started his blog right around the time we did. Jason has been doing some awesome work over past few years, but one of my favorite pieces from him is this SF print. As Jason puts it, ‘by day, this glow-in-the-dark poster features a quaint vignette of San Francisco. But when the lights go out, a town full of crime, sex, guns and pirates (and a few extra hidden surprises) appears.’ If you like this print, there’s more to come from Jason in Giveaway #3!

Runaway Clothing – 10,000 Leagues Under the City

Runaway is a southern lifestyle brand based out of Durham, NC. I met Gabriel Eng-Goetz a few years ago and have watched him grow his business over the past year, and I couldn’t be more excited to have Runaway participating. Gabe donated this awesome tee to Giveaway package #2. Big thanks are due to Gabe, because the Runaway love spills over big time into Giveaway #3 which drops tomorrow.

Sonnezimmer – Art Directors Club of Tulsa

I’m pumped that one of my all time favorite art & design teams, Sonnenzimmer, graciously donated this kick ass 5 color screen print. Sonnenzimmer is the Chicago-based studio of Nick Butcherand Nadine Nakanishi. If you love Sonnenzimmer, then help them get their book published!

Ammo Magazine – Issue #9

Last but not least, the good people of Ammo Magazine out of England have generously offered up their latest issue! If you’ve never heard of Ammo and you’re even remotely interested in illustration, go check out their deals on back issues RIGHT NOW.

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A HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone that donated to our second giveaway pack. Y’all are about as awesome as this guy.

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You may enter all three giveaway contests using three different methods. If you enter using all three methods below, you will be entered into this giveaway a total of three times. That’s math & that’s awesome.

1. Enter by commenting below.
2. Enter by sharing this post on twitter & commenting on this post with a link to your tweet.
3. Enter by sharing this post on facebook & commenting on this post with a link to your facebook post.

Submissions close for Giveaway #2 on Thursday July, 5th. 

Good luck & remember Giveaway #3 kicks off tomorrow!



May 14, 2010

Accidental Beauty

The super talented Nick & Nadine from Sonnenzimmer Print Shop got in touch to let us know they’re selling their test prints! All of the prints in the sale were created as test prints for finished pieces, and they’re all pretty damn lovely. My wife has a couple of prints framed in our house that were discarded test prints from her years in the printshop, and I honestly think they’re my favorite pieces of art in the house.


July 30, 2009


Sonnenzimmer is a print + design shop on the Northside of Chicago run by artists Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi.  Their style really stands out to me, especially in the realm of current show posters.



Is anyone else seeing similarities between some of these posters and the design of Krautrock and acid jazz records?  More after the jump.

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