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October 26, 2011

The Carpenter

Dimitris Ladopoulos is a director from Athens Greece who is working on a short film series showcasing art & science professionals working with their hands. I always love seeing people working with their hands to make amazing things and look forward to seeing more from this series. The tracking effect is very slick and definitely makes my inner motion graphics nerd very happy.



July 19, 2010

The Things We Carry

I think we’ve all heard the old wives tale that 80% of common house dust is actually composed of dead skin & other particles shed by humans. I kind of doubt the validity of this theory, but I enjoy thinking about what it would mean if it were true. The thought of the constant struggle to keep dirt & dust out of one’s environment in a hope to live a sterile, clean environment becomes hilarious and masturbatorial in the light of this theory. It also makes the psychological notion that each person constructs the reality around them a little more poignant.

Allison Cortson recently completed a series of paintings that plays with this idea in a very literal way. Each piece is momentary portrait of ordinary people living out their daily lives. The painting itself however, is unique in that while the person is rendered with vivid oils, the background is composed entirely of dust. Allison collected dust from each of her subjects’ homes and used them as a medium to create their environment in the painting. The result is an interesting, often beautiful, visual interpretation of some of the ideas I mentioned earlier. I think the project could have fallen quite flat had Allison not been an excellent artist to begin with, because the concept can seem a little forced & obvious at first. In the end Allison’s craft carries the series along and provides enough interest for the viewer to explore her concept. Check out Allison’s artist statement on the series after the string of thumbnails on her site.

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