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April 1, 2011

Wafaa Bilal

Yup. Surgically implanted.

Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal is renowned for his interactive, performance based work focused on international politics & human rights. Of course the political context of his art is really just the icing; it’s his exploration of the twisted side of human nature that really rules the roost.

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May 10, 2010

up in the air. lo-fi.

Yes, this documentary was made possible by Stella Artois as The Ritual Project. But it has nothing to do with beer. Instead, it gives a beautiful and magical insight to the slowly dying art of sign painting. Shot and directed by Malcom Murray (who also created a stunning travel documentary on Laos), viewers get transported high up in the sky—to witness the craft and courage, the calm and collected and talent of these quiet artists.

UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.
Now go make something beautiful.


February 9, 2010



Exceptional graffiti from French artist REMED. Here’s an excerpt from a press release on his site:

“REMED is a spin-off alter-ego of the artist Guilo who initially gained fame with his Moroccan-influenced paintings of bearded men. That heavily-patterned style mixed with a yen to create art on any available surface led Guilo to create the REMED persona to distinguish his new haracters and symbols from previous work.”


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