A while back, I posted about a little side project I’d been working on and was raising Kickstarter money to try to get off the ground.  Well thanks in part to the generosity of you good-lookin’ OKGreatsters, we were able to raise the money we needed, and as of just a few weeks ago, Bound Custom Journals is a real live company.

I’m pretty damn proud.  From the beginning, Bound was something that first and foremost, we wanted.  When Joel (my biz partner) was going on a road trip a few years ago, he thought surely teh internetz would be surely able to create a custom journal with exactly the content he needed for the trip – calendars for planning, maps for marking sweet spots, blanks for sketching, lines for writing.  But unfortunately, it didn’t come through, so we set off to make it real.  Because we wanted one.  At the very least, we’d have our own journal.

But it turned out that a lot of other people wanted one too.  Kickstarter for us was just as much about validating what we thought was a good idea as it was about raising some capital to get things going.  It was a thrill – I don’t think email will ever be as fun as it was during those 50 days.

Fast forward through about 4 months of late nights of designing, coding, beer drinking, and a decent bit of profanity (mostly by my ridiculously talented brother, and Bound CTO, David, when deciphering shipping APIs), and we finally pushed our site live and caught our breath while we planned the next steps.  We enjoyed another beer, and then got back to work improving the site, adding content, and telling the world.

All this to say that I’m excited that Bound Custom Journals is live, and I think you should check us out.  Find us at boundforanything.com, or just click the link in the ‘Friends’ section in the right column.  And if you have any ideas for content, products, or just want to say hey, drop us a line or leave a comment.