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December 10, 2010

Tony Day

For a while there, I thought I had given up on photography. I felt like this internet place was becoming over saturated with photoshop junkies calling themselves photographers. Hell, I’m just as bad as most of them, I’m obsessed with photoshop filters, but I realize that I’m a far cry from anything that resembles a photographer.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with a couple of professional photographers on a few different photoshoots. The experience was amazing, and I plan on sharing some of the process & results via a post as soon as possible. While at the shoots I really came to appreciate what it means to produce an amazing set of images without the use of extensive digital manipulation. Forcing yourself to create the old school way will only help you further understand your craft & ultimately make you a better artist. Serious violinists, for instance, will artisan with a violin maker for months learning how to make their own instrument. When they are done, there is not just an inherent bond between the musician and the instrument, but a strengthened relationship between the musician & the music.

I hope this isn’t coming across as preachy, because I really am just using this as a way to force myself to rethink my own process. I spend so much time designing on the computer, that I sometimes forget that these fingers aren’t just for clicking.

So, mumbo jumbo aside, I dig these photos by Tony Day. And it’s clear that Tony creates these beautiful images in the more traditional, painstaking way. It’s nice to know too, that these gritty street portraits of weathered old men were not spat out in fifteen minutes thanks to an Adobe product.