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October 14, 2010

Dan Witz

Check out these hauntingly photorealistic paintings by Dan Witz.  At a first glance these appear to be photographs, but close scrutiny reveals the idiosyncratic nature of the paintbrush in his work.  The choice of a mosh pit as subject matter is an interesting one – something that we never get to see frozen in time.  Next to his other work, mostly revolving around night scenes, portraits, and still lifes, these mosh pit paintings are totally unique and, let’s be honest, kick serious ass.  Beautiful light is the through-thread in all of his work.


February 27, 2009

Another Side of Ryan Berkley

So, I’ve already posted about Ryan Berkley and his illustrations of Kenny.  But I was looking at my living room wall last night and my eyes crossed a little portrait of a Great White Shark in a suit that Kristy had given me as a birthday gift this past year.  Makes me laugh everytime.  And I remembered, Ryan Berkley has an extensive series of these portraits.  And they’re awesome.


I mean, a BIG collection of portraits.  Siamese cat, red fox, giraffe, raven, ducks, geese, raccoon,  meerkat, caterpillar and on and on.  Name an animal, and Ryan Berkley probably has them wearing a tie.



If you’re into series’ of anything, like I am, Ryan’s Etsy shop is definitely worth checking out.  I don’t know why this dude doesn’t have a proper website.   Write him an email and tell him to work it out.


That last photo has nothing to do with the series of portraits but you know what?  It’s a chameleon on the run from the cops and an old hobo w/ roses shuffling down the street.  So that’s fine.