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April 8, 2010

The French and their mograph chops

I’ve been digging some really good motion graphics work lately.  So I’d like to give you a taste of what I’ve been enjoying lately.

First, most of you have probably seen Logorama, the 2010 Oscar-winning (!) Short Animated film, featuring every logo you can possibly think of, by French animation collective H5.  If you haven’t seen it, a) where have you been, and b) hit play.  If you have seen it, and you are spending your time reading blogs like this one, you probably have a few minutes to sit back and enjoy it again.

Next is another really creative film by Patrick Jean called Pixels in which again we are forced to reencounter our surroundings this time through the old 8bit world of Nintendos-past instead of our ultra-highly saturated branded lifelens. Jean is a director for the Parisian ad group One More Production.

Apparently the French love destroying everything at the end of their films.