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February 23, 2011

justin mezzell

Normally, I really don’t care that I suck at photoshop. Vector stuff is more my style. But then from time to time I stumble across beautifully done work, like this magazine article designed by Justin Mezzell, and I think about maybe going through some more tutorials.

Justin’s work is wonderful because it’s not overdone, and on top of the lush imagery he is able to combine a lot of different kinds of information in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Regardless of what this article is about, I really want to read it, and I think that is the goal of all print design.

You can check out more of Justin’s work on his website. It’s definitely worth a visit.


February 19, 2009

Ideal Beauty by Adobe!

This is some serious street art in Berlin captured by Epoxy’s Flickr.

Beautiful Ladies

The street art is the portion of Adobe Photoshop palettes covering the posters. If you haven’t figured it out yet,  someone in society is a little pissed about all the retouching in magazines making all the highschool girls cry at night.


I love the idea that someone got huge prints of the palettes and rolled them out and stuck them onto things that even I forget are painfully retouched by multiple PSD wizzes. If only I could be retouched every morning.


You know Xtina looks nasty in the a.m.!