If you don’t know, then you’re missing out.  Layer Tennis is back up for the 2010 season.  Over the course of an afternoon, two talented pixel-pushers duke it out on a single photoshop document that is passed back and forth in 15 minute intervals.  Sometimes it’s all friendly and something beautiful is built, and sometimes, someone loses an eye.

Last week master of the stats Nicholas Felton and master of the grid Khoi Vinh ‘shopped it up in the first exhibition match of the year.  Tomorrow afternoon, a type-tastic treat is in store, with type designers Peter Bruhn and Mark Simonson going at it on the 900 px field.

For nostalgia’s purposes, here are a few of my all-time favorite volleys.

First up, Phineas X. Jones’ eye gouging volley #5 against Dan Grzeca in the all analog match (pencil, paper, and sticker maker).

Greg Hubacek’s third volley against Aaron Draplin essentially cemented his spot in the finals (from my perspective), showing he can hang with the DDC style, and beating him at his own game.

Finally, in perhaps the greatest match of Layer Tennis ever played, Chris Glass and Aaron Draplin showed what it means to play together, essentially building up a brand guideline for the International Design Workers Union right in front of our eyes.  It was hard to pick a favorite from the bunch, considering the beauty of the whole match, but putting the logo on the 70′s era union card was fantastic.

What are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments and tune in tomorrow for the next match.

And if any of you Layer Tennis overlords are reading, I wanna play!  *call me*