Leigh is a friend of mine that I met in the art program at UNC. Since graduation we’ve haven’t kept in touch as much as we should, so I was so glad to hear from her regarding updates on her work. It’s been really interesting watching Leigh’s work progress over the years. I usually believe that an artist never really gets ‘better’ at their craft, because defining better in the realm of art is kind of a mind-fuck. I think artists just go through different phases & stages (ehem) and the thought of defining one period of work as better then another is just naive.

Well… I suppose I’m naive, because I think Leigh’s latest stuff really is better than her earlier work. Maybe it’s because I know the artist & the later pieces more accurately reflect the personality that I remember her by. Maybe it’s just because I like the newer pieces more aesthetically. Maybe it’s just because all art is subjective & you can’t put shitty rules around it (remind me how art school works again!?). OR… maybe you should just read the artist statement on her site if you want to actually learn something about the work.

Regardless – her latest piece (top) is badass. And it looks like something out of Darren Aronofsky’s new film Black Swan. Which will probably also rule.