It isn’t often that we get to collaborate with artists. It’s even less likely to be given a chance to create a magical wonderland within one’s office. My friend and co-worker and amazingly talented¬†JJ¬†and I were lucky to have been volunteered for this year’s W+K Holiday decorating.

We wanted to create an enchanted tale of a holiday where unicorns, narwhals, white wolves with wings, yetis and more come together, under one roof that holds both earth, water and sky. With white furry walls, type on the walls, and lots of magic. But we needed to first find an artist (or an artist couple) that would be able to translate our vision of the creatures and make it theirs. These are the results. Magic happens with collaboration. This week, think of who you want to collaborate with and do it.

Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis, you guys are amazing. Lost Type Foundry, thank you for an amazing type repertoire. Everyone involved in making this happen: THANK YOU!

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