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November 16, 2011

Day and Night

Photographer Stephen Wilkes has created a project called Day to Night where he takes multiple photos of the New York landscape transitioning from day to night.  He sets up on one location for no less than 10 hours and photographs the same perspective until the sun sets. Then it’s off to Photoshop with his top 30-50 photos to stitch them all together and make magic.

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September 8, 2011

This is a 9/11 post

This sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11. On Wednesday, NYC mayor Bloomberg and almost everyone else working on the new World Trade Center site held a press conference to give yet another thin update on building progress. I feel like the process has been long and empty – but I was thrilled to see Silverstein properties come out with a moving video to re-stimulate my interest and connection to the site.


The video (more like a short film, really) mixes live action, tilt shift and impressive CGI effects to tell the story of a new World Trade Center. Surprisingly, (though it’s been a big piece of the winners and losers bidding to build) there are green spaces and water features. It’s calm and thriving and new and somehow, even with it’s soaring heights, modest. After all NYC and the rest of the country have been through, it seems like a high point. Finally, after all this time.

Also, here is a link to an incredible article that my good friend sent me on grief and western culture’s abandonment of grieving rituals. It just makes me think about all those times when I felt a splinter of anger rise up in me when someone very, very far removed from the tragedy of 9/11 somehow makes a distant connection to the death and destruction via the friend of a 3rd cousing or something. I used to think that they had no right to feel the same way I felt about 9/11 – I was there, they were in Wisconsin or something. I’m rethinking that now. In a situation this big and sad, I guess we all need to grieve.

This Sunday, I’ll take a moment to remember that day back in 2001 and thank all the men and women involved in responding, recovering and rebuilding. I hope you do too.



August 29, 2011


Instagram doesn’t need any introduction. What I like even more than this wildly popular app though is when awesome people make something out of it, or use it to create new stories. Like Callie Peck, NYC based all-around talent—on Instagram as Cest Quoi—interviewing people with amazing diptych portraits to go with the words (click on comments).

Her feed is pretty amazing—follow her, friends!

Love, CH

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March 4, 2011


Andrew Wonder is a director/cinematographer based in NYC and he’s pretty ballsy to say the least. Undercity follows a likeable and really knowledgeable young explorer, Steve Duncan as he shows us forgotten subway lines, sewer systems and tunnels beneath the streets of New York. I’ve long had a love affair with abandoned places and NYC seems to have a lockdown on some of the greatest forgotten places on earth. Think of Vinegar Hill or Kings Park Psychiatric Center; places you’d never imagine to have remained.

Wonder’s film is captivating in the sense that you follow the “guide” and almost get caught several times. It really feels like you are down below the city with them, evading police and the third rail. Of course, they also run into several people who live in the tunnels. One woman has been a “resident” for 28 years and found the tunnel with the help of some homeless cats who now live with her. There is a touching moment where the film happens upon a section of graffiti that memorializes the transition of most of the tunnel people into city housing in 1995. Remember Guiliani’s big clean up? Yeah. For better or for worse.

It’s a film worth watching and though it’s long and tense, there is a big payoff at the end. I’ll give you a hint: Williamsburg bridge and a really, really good view of the city.

You can find out more about Wonder and his films at Check out his still photography too, it’s reminiscent of all the old masters who would shoot from the hip in the streets, capturing “real people.” If nothing else, it may reignite your sense of physical wonder. Makes me want to get off my computer chair and climb over some shit.


October 12, 2010

pigeon flyers of NYC

It’s not wonder to me that pigeon flying has always been popular in film making. Is there much that could be as easily romanticized as the gritty city dwellers that keep flocks of pigeons on rooftops + behind apartment buildings in places like Baltimore, NYC + Philly? Photographer Aaron Wojack agrees; he’s been following + photographing the people that keep + fly these birds for years now + he’s just released the series, Pigeon Flyers of NYC on his website.

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August 5, 2010

Daisy Lew

Daisy Lew is a young graphic artist that I found via Behance (AKA the place that makes me feel bad about myself). I love these pop-up books about NYC (AKA the city I miss most and the place where the really great baseball comes from). According to her site, she was born in IL, raised in Soul, has worked as an intern for The Donna Karen Company and is fluent in Korean. All around awesome. Check out the rest of her pop-up images after the jump. There is so much more to be seen.

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May 26, 2010

Amanda Wachob

Amanda Wachob is an artist from the Big Apple who has chosen human skin as her canvas ( that’s right, no Ctrl+Z or do-overs).  I first thought she brushed her work onto people but had my world rocked after learning she permanently tattoos it on her walking canvas’.  Amanda pushes abstract tattoo to the next level and blurs the line between fine art and tattoo art. Check out her paintings too, they rock.

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May 10, 2010

Nicole Guice

Fashion-y’all know I live by that shit. Illustrations often stop me dead in my tracks. The effortlessly gorgeous way Nicole Guice combines them-well, let’s just say I am equal parts obsessed (this image is my desktop for both of my monitors), proud (Nicole is in that very special class of “talented female”), and jealous (I have since bought 75 tubes of watercolors but just keep drawing dumb triangles and clouds, ugh). Regardless, I love her work.

Plus, if you visit her site, you can read about how cool she is. I hear she is on the market for a handbag design job. Dear NYC – please hire Nicole. She is awesome. Plus, she’s one of those exceptionally rare people that are honestly talented and…really nice.

More of Nicole’s work after the jump…

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