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June 24, 2011

Classy Beer Club

While in NYC earlier this week, I heard about an exclusive club in Jersey (who doesn’t want to join a club in Jersey??) founded on the notion of destruction. Get together and destroy shit with the weapon of your choice. Sounds intriguing right? Well it’s not. It’s a members only club dedicated to super-rich people getting together to smash expensive stuff. I’m sure they think it’s some sort of liberating, existential exercise; but in this economy? It’s ridiculous.

In the meantime, check out this rad animation by Helios Labs for a different kind of exclusive club.


May 7, 2009

Matt Leines; Crazy Dude we wanna know

I have a picture of this in my office:

Matt Leines 1

I have no idea where I tore it out of so, to my surprise and joy, today as I was browsing through Booooooom (as I always do, so should you) I found Mr. Matt Leines once again. Now I know his name. Now I want to know this guy’s story because he makes things that look like this:

Matt Leines Zine

which is a zine that you can buy (!!!) at Cantab Publishing for an obscenely low amount of bills. I am in awe of Matt’s capacity for detail and the sheer exposure of banana brains on paper. P.S. Matt is from Jersey. I mean, how much more intriguing can you get?


May 6, 2009

Funnel Cakes and Broken Dreams

Stumbled across Mike Peters’ excellent Flickr this afternoon while trolling through a Hasselblad pool and I’m digging it, especially the Coney Island sets featured here.


At times the collection may feel a little (just a little) exploitative (see: random fat people shot for being fat and random) but overall this is a great cross section of documentary style photography in NY and Jersey.  On film and on a Hasselblad.  I liiike.  To quote Kristy Martino, “You CANNOT beat a square format, man.”


Matter of fact, I’m gonna dedicate this post to Kristy for a couple reasons: 1.  She had a nice Hasselblad that she loved and had to pawn for gas money (buzzkill) and 2. As a recent NYC transplant, I know she’s missing Coney Island and all it’s weirdness, sadness and wonderousness.



Enjoy everyone!