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August 17, 2011

a new leaf.

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bad blogger this month. But, I have a good excuse! Three weeks ago I made a big change and moved from Durham, NC to Cambridge, MA. Then just days after the move I jetted off to spend two weeks traveling around Costa Rica & Panama. And now I’m back and trying to get settled, and I’m starting my career as a 100% freelance designer. I have two semi-regular clients now, and enough work to last me several months, but it’s kind of scary to only be able to plan a couple months in advance. But also quite liberating.

new home work space

So, here’s to my new leaf. I’m excited about freelancing because I will get to have my hands in all parts of the process, but I’m sure I will have a lot to learn. Wish me luck! I hope New England treats me well. I included some photos from my trip after the jump in case you want to daydream about beautiful places.

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October 19, 2009


It’s no surprise that social media has opened my eyes up to new things that I would have otherwise overlooked. It’s no surprise that I’m more well informed about such crucial issues as ballon boys, backstage runway gossip and uh, Jon and Kate. However, today I challenged Flickr and I challenged myself. Could I possibly have a change of heart in regards to one of my longest loathed items – Boston, MA? Could I be so visually swayed?

Surprise! I found some cool shit.


These images are all from the Boston Mob flickr pool (users credited by rolling over images) and are all Boston. Since I am now living in the all powerful, all knowing, O.G. “New England”-I figure I better clean up my attitude. Somewhat. These images got me excited to discover yet another new city’s underbelly. It’s winding streets, ethnic food carts and stupid bridges. Whatchoo got Beantown?

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