Muay Thai

Before I moved here, I studied under this man, Phil Nurse at The Wat – a Muay Thai Boxing school in the heart of Soho, of all places. I remember the first day I sparred. Ten two minute rounds, with ten partners. I got kicked in the head so hard; as I shook it off I could hear things rattling, unhinged. I should have blocked that, I said to myself and went on to the next fighter. I finished, soaking wet with bruises already showing up. Phil knelt down by me and said, “You did good today, you kept going. You never quit.” Unlike other popular mish mash styles like MMA-Muay Thai is about discipline and heart. Not mere brutality.

That night, on the long train ride back to Brooklyn, I put my head phones on, listened to the best hip hop mix ever made, and felt like I could do anything. That night I ruled the world.

So thanks Phil, and here’s to you.