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March 29, 2011

joel lazano


I have no capacity for motion design/animation so I’ve naturally got mad respect for those who do. Joel Lazano is a freelance designer/animator hailing from Barcelona who has a nice, slick vintage design inspired style that translates super well to animation. No official real, so enjoy these four clips from his portfolio!

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July 19, 2010


phosphene from ducroz on Vimeo.

Benjamin Ducroz, a Melbourne based motion designer,  hits up the environment to find shapes, patterns and movements that inspire him to do the ridiculously awesome work he does. This latest piece feels super organic, but at the same time full of geometric tension. LOVE.

Go check out his reel—he’s full of talent.
Then go check yourself.

happy monday/


April 21, 2010

islam elsedoudi

Islam Elsedoudi Motion Reel from Islam Elsedoudi on Vimeo.

Islam Elsedoudi is a graphic designer, motion designer, and video producer. [He's also my boyfriend, but that's beside the point.] He graduated from NCSU’s Design School in 2007 and currently works at Red Hat. I really admire that he has found so many ways to be innovative in a corporate in-house environment. Check out his new website and his amazing reel!


January 25, 2010



Whew. What a great time we had at the Alt Summit this weekend. I promise to post my two cents and some snapshots of the conference asap. In the meantime, check out the work of Australia based studio 21-19. It’s hard to find a design firm that can strike such a balance between print & motion design. Here is a self-promo motion piece they put together:

More print work after the jump!

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