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March 2, 2012

JJS. Justin James Sehorn.

Justin James Sehorn, member of WAFA (We Are Fucking Awesome)


I love this series, titled Something’s Happening. Sehorn, a Minneapolis based artist, does lots of rad collage work.
I also love the collective he’s part of. And this is why: “Our focus is on collaborative works and initiatives. All work documented on this website was created by two or more artists working together. We have found that collectively we are stronger than individually.

Friday’s wisdom. XO!

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January 19, 2011

Teagan White

Teagan White is a freelance designer + illustrator currently honing her already amazing skills at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Initially it was her typography work that caught my eye, but after digging further into her portfolio, I began to appreciate her illustrations even more. The clear skill + delicate techniques found in Teagan’s work are inspiring. She does a great job of blending a fine arts style with graphic design clarity.

If you are looking for a print of her work, she has you covered.

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