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May 2, 2011


So I’ve only been to Coachella once, and to this day it continues to be my best festival experience. This year though, Intel and Vice got together via their Creators Project, to encourage collaboration between the brightest of  artists, geniuses and designers and to create an experience that would enhance the live performances and blow people’s minds. This makes me GREEN WITH ENVY to not have witnessed the spectacle live.

Spend some time on the website—all the artists are ridiculous. and inspiring enough to make your week full of magic.

Happy Monday Friends.


July 30, 2009

New York’s Burning Magic

I went to my first Yankees game when I was two. The Donnie Baseball poster is still hanging up in a closet in Binghamton. I wanted to be the first female baseball player to go pro. Then A League of Their Own came out and crushed my dreams. Still, no matter how much money or how many needles get thrown around, baseball to me, is still magic. And as wretched and messy as the Yankees (always) are – again, still magic.

An old friend and colleague of mine, Mike Macchione, took some amazing shots at the new stadium. That whole magic thing? He gets it.

Yankee Stadium storm


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