So not too long ago I reminded all of my fellow Durhamites that the third annual DOUGHMAN is coming (and yes, it must always be capitalized – style guide y’all).  A lot of you were probably thinking, well, that’s pretty damn cool, and all the eating stuff sounds awesome, but I could do without all the running and biking and water activity-ing and the what-not.  Well fear not couch crusaders, because the DOUGHMAN is for lazy people too.

On the evening of May 29th, after all the competitive eating has completed, and those participating have had enough time to digest, the DOUGHMAN hEArTS Durham Banquet will take place at the Durham Athletic Park.  Tons of great local restaurants (Piedmont, Toast, Fosters, Tosca, Locopops, etc) will be offering various dishes and local beer (Foothills, CBC, etc) will be flowing as well. Music, good people, good food, and a great cause – the Durham Inner City Garden and SeeSaw Studios will be the benefactors of the event.

Pick up a ticket soon, cus they will most definitely sell out.  See you all there, fat & happy.

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