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August 17, 2011

a new leaf.

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bad blogger this month. But, I have a good excuse! Three weeks ago I made a big change and moved from Durham, NC to Cambridge, MA. Then just days after the move I jetted off to spend two weeks traveling around Costa Rica & Panama. And now I’m back and trying to get settled, and I’m starting my career as a 100% freelance designer. I have two semi-regular clients now, and enough work to last me several months, but it’s kind of scary to only be able to plan a couple months in advance. But also quite liberating.

new home work space

So, here’s to my new leaf. I’m excited about freelancing because I will get to have my hands in all parts of the process, but I’m sure I will have a lot to learn. Wish me luck! I hope New England treats me well. I included some photos from my trip after the jump in case you want to daydream about beautiful places.

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November 12, 2010

OPTIMISTS CLUB: The pros and cons of positive thinking

A friend of mine once bought me a thrift store t-shirt that read “Optimists Club” on the front. It was an eye doctor’s softball team jersey from the 70s. The irony being that I am neither an eye doctor nor an optimist in the sense of…perspective. In fact, I’m probably closer to having a medical diploma than seeing the bright side of things and honestly, I don’t even know what a femur is.

However, recently I’ve been “blessed” with losing my job for the second time in one year. This has forced me to take long, introspective walks. That, and figure out what the F I am doing with my life. Bravely, my husband stood along side me and said, “you know, you’re a pretty negative person. Maybe you should fix that first.” He’s so much smarter than I am. He’s also got a pretty good point. In order to make shit happen in my life, I think I need to join the club. The Optimists club!

For all of you aspiring designers, business owners, artists, magicians and straight up lost souls generally of the half empty type – this is a look into my thought process before making the very serious commitment to *positivity.* I sincerely hope it helps you on your long walk to figure shit out. More after the jump…

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April 22, 2009

I bid you Adieu.


I’m outta here! It’s only for a few weeks, so calm down. By the time I come back I’ll be a newly wed expert snorkeler guy who’s tired of wedding cake & motown. Nah, I can’t get tired of motown.


These photos are by our wedding photographer Harry Taylor.

Also, Ellie says bye : )