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August 20, 2012

Poetic Jewelry: Giulia Ruffatti

Giulia Ruffatti is an Italian artist creating pieces of wearable history, or more simply, jewelry about you. If you have a certain memory, passion, dream or identifiable trait, Ruffatti (with the help of several people now that her business has grown) will select and create a variety of bobbles, creatures, symbols and materials to create a necklace, bracelet or even a compass to represent her customer. Oh, and she’ll pair each piece with an original poem that further describes you, the wearer.

On the surface, if I hadn’t seen the actual pieces, this description alone might make me cringe and think of patchouli. That may just be because I’m a fairly cynical, judgemental beotch. However, I’m also incredibly self-absorbed and the idea that someone could make a piece of loudly over-sized jewelry that would describe my deepest desires and nightmares for all to see around my neck – well that made me look.

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July 9, 2010

Goncalo Campos

Um, downloadable patterns to have and wear your very own bangin’ paper bangle? Yes, please. Oh, and it’s FREEEEEEEE!!!???!

Goncalo would rather say, “to be printed, assembled and after use, it can be disposed of with no regret.” Yeah, a little less tacky than “free” but I’m a sucker for a bargain!

Found via PSFK.


June 18, 2010

Heather Goldberg: SHADOWPLAY

This is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous, handmade necklace from Heather Goldberg’s Shadowplay collection. This specific piece was commissioned by VOGUEknitting International, called “Garden Mapping.” Yeah, wow. Exactly.

She’s gotten quite a bit of press on the fashion/style circuit but if you haven’t seen her work yet, prepare to shake your head for a full minute and a half. At least. Her rap sheet as an intern boasts names like Monique Lhuillier (mentor and prototype inspiration), ThreeAsFour and Band of Outsiders. No. Big. Deal. Plus, she’s adorablel, has a studio in LA and was smart enough to take direction from the simplest, most beautiful things-the Earth, the sea and space.

Check out the collection and shake your head a bit more once you learn how affordable these exceptional pieces are. Did I mention they are all adorned with crystalized Swarovsky elements? I would say they should be thousands of dollars, or priceless and only to be seen in the United Arab Emirates or something for all of that craftsmanship and vision – but I really want one…or five, so I’ll shut up now.

Special thanks to my new friend, also adorable and immensely talented (so unfair guys) Nicole Guice for introducing us via that all-together necessary forum, Facebook. God, I love the internets.