Jessica Hische may not have coined the term, but she defines procrastiworking.  In addition to being a prolific letterer, typographer, and designer, she also the proprietor of approx 1/7 of the internet (up to about 1/4 when you eliminate all serious sites).  One of her new endeavors is something a bit more useful – Inker Linker.  It’s a simple site where you can find printers based on the type of printing they do, your priorities for the job, and (soon) their location.  I think this will be a really useful resource for us freelancers who need to find an offset printer or a letterpressman for a print job.  Also, if you’re a printer, and you’re reading this, head over and post your info on the site so you can be listed.

I love the touches on the site too – like the crosshair for the cursor, and heavy use of CMYK.  Cooper Black also never looked so perfect.