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October 17, 2011

Levitating every day.

Oh you know. Just a blog by an awesome Japanese girl named Natsumi. Just her diary of daily levitations.

In her own words:
yowayowa camera woman = natsumi

Lives in Tokyo with two cats.
Photographs mainly levitating self-portraits (and cats not levitating).
yowayowa is a Japanese term meaning “weak” or “feeble.”
Since I’m yowayowa, it’s really heavy to carry SLR cameras around.

Let’s all levitate through our week.

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June 9, 2010

Yoskay Yamamoto

Yoskay Yamamoto is an up and coming artist from Japan who does some amazing sculpture work and acrylic paintings.  He is kicking off his third solo show entitled “Familiar Strangers” on June 12th in LA and I totally wish I could go.  This video is a well produced and shot teaser behind the scenes view of Yoskay doing his thing, creating some solid work.  Did I mention this was all shot on a Canon DSLR?

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