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October 4, 2011

eye sea

Waaaaiiiiit. These aren’t uninspired ripoffs created in corel draw and printed on your mom’s hp deskjet 48000?

Nope! Eye Sea Posters sources original vintage movie posters made by the original designers that originally designed them. And they’re not that pricey! Very original.


March 25, 2009

you so sweeeet

sugar packet chad

Where have I been? I thought sugar packets only came in white, brown, blue, or pink. But then Twig & Thistle found Sugar Packet Chad on flickr and my mind was blown. How come everything is so well designed in Europe and in the U.S. we only get white, brown, blue, and pink?

[Links to individual images above: butterflies from czech republic, illustrations from switzerland, yellow packet from czechoslovakia, blue & red packet from czechoslovakia, squares from italy, bobbin lace packet from czech republic, pink packet from czechoslovakia, portrait from portugal, windmill from portugal, stikko from switzerland, chicken from ?, butterfly from czech republic, waitress from czechoslovakia]