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May 4, 2011


An inspiring video from Chris Harmon that illustrates just how dependent we truly are on oil. Chris does a great job telling his story visually while keeping it very informative . I really like the overall tone and colors used. Chris nailed the crude oil feel while still keeping it very clean looking.

Well, looks like I am biking to lunch today.


March 21, 2011


Konstantin Datz, Potsdam-based designer, must have an analytical mind—his infographics are stunning—for the visual interpretation of the topics, but also for the ability to show the essence of things and make the info digestible.

Also notable and beautifully designed is his “Armband für Gehörlose“—a bracelet created for deaf people. It visualizes environmental sounds into easily translatable pictograms and warns of dangerous situations like construction sites, honking and sirens via vibration. AMAZING CONCEPT.

happy monday friends!

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April 2, 2009

Dear Gretchen


Gretchen Nash is a bit of a nut bar. I mean that in the best way possible however, because you’d have to be a little nutty to produce such an ambitious project as she has. Gretchen has a suitcase full of written letters to her that she’s saved throughout her life. This alone is pretty intense, I know. But it gets better. Let’s let her explain the project in her own words…


“[It is] an extensive book that investigates letters that I have kept inside a luggage case since my childhood. The process of the book included finding the word and phrase frequency of the letters, categorizing them by sender, by date, and finally writing personal reflections about each of the senders. Graphs were constructed to reveal the word frequency and each of the 187 letters were thoroughly documented inside of the book.”


The thing I love most about this book are the charts & graphs used to show the frequency of certain phrases in the letters. Such a novel way to deliver loads of information. Outstanding work!