so i am in transit to Portland, OR. signage is going to be huge as I start my adventures in this new city, so i thought a post about way-finding done right would be appropriate.

F1rstdesign is an interdisciplinary team of graphic designers, industrial designers and architects, who are making some excellent things. Their work for the Unesco World Heritage Site The Zollverein (“the world’s most beautiful coal mine”)—Zeche Zollverein (in Essen, Germany)—rules. As background (in case you guys can’t read the German description), this park accommodates over 500,000 visitors each year, and the signage system had to adhere to strict preservation regulations.

F1rstdesign first cleaned up the premises, removing what they called a sign forest/maze, and then replaced it with a precise, visually striking system of way-finding elements. I especially love the ground-signage. So good. Look at it!

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