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January 9, 2012

Malte Pitschmann. (yes. it’s a name)

You guys know by now that I am a sucker for portrait photography that captures foreign cultures. Malte, I believe he’s based in Berlin, Germany, has shared his eyes during his travels. And: he’s also just an amazing photographer. Eye-porn, really.

This strip is the answer to the self-imposed question: What would India look like if it were a movie?




November 23, 2009

Sroop Sunar


I was super excited to find these amazing illustrations from British-born, Indian-raised, London-based artist Sroop Sunar in my inbox this morning. There’s a quality in the production + aesthetic that’s really captivating. It’s the same quality that Sroop discovered as a teen in New Dehli, on labels + packages everywhere around her. She dutifully reproduces the ephemera of the culture that enchanted her as a kid. Pretty impressive stuff.

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