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December 8, 2011

An Exquisite Beast

Emory Allen is a whimsical and painterly illustrator of beasts, expressive characters, and typography.  About 80something days ago, he started a project called “An Exquisite Beast”, which I’ll just let him explain:

You know what, I’m not even going to post a piece of it, because the limited width of a blog post doesn’t do his work justice.  So go to the site, and start a-scrollin’.


November 11, 2011

the wild world of muxxi

It’s a dark, black blue and red world and it’s beautiful. Muxxi is the artist at the helm, she hails from Guatemala City and creates the work using ink drawing, vector illustration and painting. The result is art that’s at once grim and funny, light and dark, a crazy, fantasy filled world of invented creatures and landscapes.

Check out her store for some (CHEAP) prints.

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October 24, 2011

Tim Boelaars

Tim Boelaars

Tim got in touch to tell us he dug our site. We’ll guess what Tim? We dig your work even more. Fancy that! Check out the fine illustration & identity work from Tim here.


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