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May 6, 2011

HAM on the street – new work

As some of you may know, Dylan and I have recently taken the deep and beautiful swan dive into the business of owning our own creative shop, Haigh & Martino. Or HAM, as we like to say since no one in the universe can pronounce Haigh correctly. Read a newspaper, people.

This is one of the first projects we’ve been able to see in print so far and in all honesty, it was truly a dream project with dream clients. Though, it should be said, it was FUCKING HARD WORK, MAN!

Way more pictures and words after the jump!

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December 15, 2008

Kiss the Ceiling

I’ve always had a hard time with directed or composed photography. I usually just tend to gravitate more towards candid work. I love the idea of capturing a real moment in time, pulling it out of context, and turning it into something else. Fred Muram directs all of his work; as a viewer you are completely conscious of his hand being involved in the shot.  But you know what? I love his photography.


Maybe it’s the humor?


Or maybe it’s just the aesthetics?


No. It’s the humor.


Definitely the humor.