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August 27, 2010

I’ll look rich when I’m dead

That is a Gucci bag made out of paper. For realz.

Au Yeung Ping Chi is a paper artist that has taken over his father’s effigy business, creating paper masterpieces fashioned after materials coveted by Hong Kong’s hip youth…that died young.

From Tiffany Lam and Zoe Li’s CNN article,

“The Chinese custom of burning paper offerings to the dead spawned the paper effigy business, in which scaled-down versions of items that are considered luxurious and desirable to the living, such as gold watches, cars, or even maids, are rendered with paper. The items are burned at gravesites in order to “deliver” them to the underworld where the dearly departed can receive them.”

No. Shit. Ok, I’m into it.

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November 30, 2009

Kristopher Ho


Kristopher Ho is an ambitious 23 year old illustrator from Hong Kong. He has plenty of work to pour through in his portfolio, but you should take some time to read about his ongoing project titled ‘Iblard.’ Since 2007 Kristopher has been developing a series of drawings outlining the various cities and spaces found in the entirely fictional land of Iblard. The project is still in early stages and I hope Kristopher eventually spends some time envisioning the inhabitants of the cities, but it’s a wonderful project with a lot of potential.

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