Happy holidays from all of us here at OKG!  Most of your are probably counting down the days til Christmas with anticipation and excitement.  A few days off from work, some family, some boozy eggnog fueled evenings – good times.  Personally, I’m counting down til the day after Christmas – my own personal Christmas (for a Jew like myself) – the day when Christmas music ends.  No more rum-tum-tumming or jingle bells or Frosty the snowman for another 11 months or so (though it seems like it starts earlier every year).

Now before I get accused of being a Grinch, I’d like to say that it’s not Christmas music per se that I can’t stand.  It’s the incessant playlist of the same songs in any commercial setting, on tv, on the radio, everywhere.  So I’d like to offer an alternative.  Sound Opinions, the fantastic WBEZ weekend radio show, enlisted the help of Andy Cirzan, their own personal Kris Kringle, to scour the musical obscura for the weirdest, most unappreciated (though often for decent reason) Christmas music you’ve ever heard.  Now I’ll admit, some of this stuff probably should have never seen the light of day, but I’ll take it any day over jingle bells.  Try it out!

For the record, the views expressed here are my own Grinchy views, and do not reflect those of my fellow OKGreatsters.  Though deep down you all know I’m right.