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April 11, 2011


Yes. I have a weakness for all things German. And another one for the amazing HORT.
They were tasked to develop a new identity for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation—once one of the if not the most important modernist school in Germany.
If you’ve visited their site before, their case studies present an in-depth look at how the work was developed, and reasoning why. So here it is:
When we began working on the new identity of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation we decided to search for a solution that would relate more to the original ideas of Germany’s most influential Modernist school instead of relying on the visual clichés connected to Bauhaus – it seems almost impossible to use circle, square and triangle nowadays without it coming across as ironic or historicist. [...]The new identity was created by using strict typography, a minimalist layout, standardised formats and no colour. Being the most generic and incidental typeface, Courier was selected as the new corporate font. To guarantee a unique identity we changed the capital “A” of Courier according to Herbert Bayer’s well-known logo on the front of the Bauhaus Dessau building.
I think it’s quite difficult to practice restraint in a way that leads you to this rebranding success.
happy week you guys.

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