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June 4, 2012

The Art of Hanging: Seed & Pulp Printmaking Show

This past Friday was special for all of us here in Portsmouth, NH. It marked the first opening of the Seed & Pulp show for Store Gallery at 3S Artspace. Guest curated by my main man, Dylan Haigh – it brought together printmakers from around the world to show off the hand-touched medium. It took us (note: when I use the word “us” I really mean Dylan and the fantastic group of super fine volunteers, board members and partners at 3S – I just did a mediocre job of adding my unwanted opinion here and there) a couple of months of blood, sweat and freak outs to get this off the ground and ready for the First Friday Art walk in town.

To our delight and surprise, people (over 600 of them) really came out in full force to see the new space and the work. We opened at 5pm and had a continuos stream of people walking in and out, purchased prints in hand. I think one of the biggest successes of the night was the fact that people had a chance to really hang. They could walk through and look at everything on the walls and then sit outside and chat about art, Portsmouth, music, 3S, summertime, whatever. I’ve been to a fair share of art openings and my biggest complaint is always the fact that I get all dressed up and when I get there, I walk in and walk out which – all in all, takes only about 15 minutes. It’s often the art that has me bored or the discouraging fact that I can’t actually purchase anything and bring it home. A printmaking show with more accessible prices (most were in the range of $25-$75) solves that problem for sure.

For me, it was a great shift in perspective. Portsmouth is small town on the scale of my own life experience. Seed & Pulp reminded me that even in a small town, you can’t know everything and everyone. You can always learn something from and be inspired by someone new. There were so many cool looking people that I had never seen in town before! So many lucite eye glasses that I wanted! Seed & Pulp gave us all a night to think and talk about really important things like art, community and…corpse paint. Really, at one point I do remember Dylan’s mom telling us that her favorite piece was Caitlin Gallupe’s “Winter Solstice Pizza Party” (see below) and Dylan tried to explain that the face paint wasn’t KISS related. See, everyone got a valuable education. More importantly, they came, they bought, they got excited. That’s really all we could have hoped for.

If you don’t live in New England, don’t worry. What hasn’t already sold out is still available for purchase online at the 3S store.


December 22, 2010

LabourLove Collective

John & Kelly from LabourLove are brave souls.

Want to see my arithmetic on that statement? Check it:

1. They opened a small business.
2. They opened a small business an art gallery.
3. They opened an art gallery in a new development on the edge of downtown.
4. The opened an art gallery in a new development on the edge of downtown at the beginning of the economic collapse.

… and now?

5. They are completely reformatting their business model.

LabourLove has decided to scrap the idea of a traditional gallery model and are starting a collective. Check out the innovative concept after the jump!

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March 31, 2010

special characters

If you are in the Triangle area of NC and you like typography and beer, then you should stop by the Busy Bee in Raleigh on Friday evening to check out the Special Characters show! My friends Jay Jay and Critter have put a lot of work into this type and lettering exhibition and it’s going to be awesome!

See you there!


September 11, 2009

Get Up: 9/19

Local people: on September 19th, LaborLove Gallery in Durham is hosting a showcase of local graffiti art, “Bombed: Panels, Picks and Kicks”.  Four local painters (Window-Down Crew) are going to work it out on 4′ x 8′ panels at the gallery during the days immediately before the show.  DJ’s + a breakdance crew will round out opening night.

The LaborLove people just released this time-lapse video of the artists working on two panels.  I’m sold.  See you there, fools.


August 21, 2009

Lump Benefit 8/22


Triangle people! This Saturday our friends at Lump Gallery in Raleigh will be hosting their 3rd annual benefit/dance.  All they’re askin’ for is a $5 donation, which ain’t much considering what you’ll get in return: 3 DJ’s, live video mixing by Ashevillian Megan McKissack and a video screening by Acid Rain Production.

Not to mention another year of the amazing talent that Lump manages to wrangle up and bring to the Triangle.  Support your local LUMP!

Official flyer after the jump.

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June 1, 2009

Middle of Nowhere


It’s almost time for First Friday! On June 5th, from 7-10pm Lump Gallery will be hosting an opening reception for a new exhibition called The Middle of Nowhere, curated by TeamLump’s Jerstin Crosby. Here is what the gallery has to say about the show:

Where is the Middle of Nowhere? Who lives there? What happens? This common verbal expression is often used to describe places far away from urban drama, although the over-development and overcrowding of urban areas in many ways creates more isolation; not to mention social networks which bring us together by design, but instead expand our remoteness. We use the idiom, ‘it came out of nowhere’ to describe incidents, acts of spontaneity, natural disasters, surprises, the unexpected or the unexplainable. The Middle of Nowhere will approach this figure of speech from a variety of media and will map out the visual geography and hypothetical demographics for a “No Place”.

Having gone to high school in the middle of nowhere, I’m pretty excited to see what the artists come up with for this show. The exhibition will include drawing, photography, prints, paintings, video, and radio pieces by artists based in NC, Chicago, San Francisco, Charlottesville, and Berlin. The mixed-media piece posted above is by one of the participating artists, Orvokki Halme. See you there!


May 5, 2009

The Mahler


A new gallery just opened in Raleigh! The Mahler is at 228 Fayetteville Street, and it’s open Tuesday-Saturday from 10-6, and First Fridays from 6-9.


The gallery currently has  an exhibit of photographs by a North Carolina native singer/songwriter, Tift Merritt.

I love the space!


March 10, 2009

Text/Gallery/Kinda Sweet

Text/Gallery sent word to artists: pick a long forgotten word and make something out of it. Some artists created amazing imagery, totally void of the word itself. Some took a more literal approach. If you like left justified helvetica posters – you’re in luck, there’s a bunch. My favorites are here:
And yes, I would wear this: