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August 4, 2009

Tristan Thiel

Tristan Thiel is a talented furniture designer + photographer from sunny Minnesota.  His furniture conjures futuristic, kind of biomechanical images for me.  Harsh industrialism meets invertebrates meets mid-century design.  Those are Eames cushions on top of man made spider legs, right?



I’m not sure that I’d casually longe on Tristan’s chairs (which might spring to life and murder me at any moment) but his portfolio is definitely fun to flip through.


April 8, 2009

Tanya Aguiniga

My furniture obsession continues, this time with Tanya Aguiniga…



You’ll notice a combination of reworked classics and originals in Tanya Aguiniga’s portfolio. The set of two iconic Eames chairs below, for example, were found and rescued and then reworked with hand-felted wools.  Tanya both nods to classic forms and prompts viewers to re-imagine everyday objects.


Tanya Aguiniga is a furniture designer/maker originally from Tijuana, Mexico currently living just to the north in Los Angeles.  Check out her excellent site here.


March 16, 2009

Oscar Narud

Oscar Narud is a Norwegian born designer who currently lays his head in LDN & is part of the OKAY Studio. Mr. Narud skillfully maintains functionality in all of his work, even if visually, it looks bananas. I like that.



Food fight! A catapult/centerpiece commissioned for Design Museum London. Whether he’s intentionally designing a children’s piece (he sometimes does) or not, if I had a kid (and a million dollars), I’d want all of Oscar Narud’s work in mi casa.


I love that the sticks, the most whimsical part of this bench/coat rack piece called “Pick a Stick”, are essential to holding everything up. Check out more of Oscar Narud’s work at his website.