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July 13, 2011

puffed peonies

Puffed Peonies is the Etsy shop of Illinois-based artist Brittany Jackson. I love the simple shapes and color palates in her prints, they would go great in any room. I want one for my new apartment! You can check out more prints in her shop.


April 2, 2009

Dovetail Studio

I like ceramics (when they’re done well.  Not my mom’s ceramics).  I like screen printing.  I like bikes and sea creatures.  I like obsessively stocking my kitchen with every cool plate, cup or pot I can find.  Apparently, Margaret and Josh Smith are down with what goes on inside my brain.


Maybe next they’ll be design an Apple Cinnamon Cheerios box that’s also a skateboard, that plays a Son House song when you open it and has a picture of me dunking on Barack Obama on the front, since they’re in the business of combining things I like.


Or maybe they’ll just keep firing white ceramic and printing cool illustrations on plates, vases and mugs so that I can purchase their work and daydream about balling with our Prez while I hover over a Dovetail bowl full of sugary cereal.  That’d be fine.


Check out their website here and their blog here.