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August 28, 2012

creepy kids

Dina Lynnk is a Ukrainian fashion designer’s assistant who can’t sit still in her seat. As far as I can tell, in her series Creepy Kids, she did wardrobe, art direction, concepting, collage and post production. The net result is pretty damn close to the title. Kids looking creepy. Can’t take my eyes off it.

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October 10, 2011

Photographs can treat SAD.

Especially the ones that Katelyn Mooney shares with us on her beautiful site. She calls herself a “designer escapee turned fashion pioneed and editor.” That seems fitting for a portfolio of photographs that are imaginative, beautiful, dreamy, high fashion and playful, and beaming with a beauty that fills my soul.

Happiest Monday, friends.

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May 10, 2011


Back in August of 2009, we wrote a review of John Paul Thurlow‘s ongoing project Covers, in which he recreated (or straight up created) magazine covers for every magazine that he owned. I just checked in with the artist + the series continued for a while after our post with some great new covers. You can also purchase the collection as a book here. Check it.

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April 27, 2011

Roy’s Jeans

An inspiring video from Self Edge that highlights the whole process of Roy’s Jeans from start to finish as it’s done through the hands of Roy Slaper. There’s something so cool and magical about seeing fabric going through multiple machines that look like utter finger death traps with such ease and craft. I love seeing the raw denim transform into shapes and those shapes come together as jeans.  Roy’s attention to detail and handcrafted quality helps make the price tag of  $275 a pair, slightly more digestible. Key word there being “Slightly”.

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December 17, 2010


According to their website, “Darkroom is a new concept on Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1. We curate an eclectic mix of high-end fashion, interior and lifestyle accessories alongside bi-monthly art and sculpture exhibitions.”

Ummmm, love that. I really am enjoying the curated shopping experiences that seem to be a rising trend. The world just keeps on inventing new dream jobs, eh? Sure it’s in London, but we yankees can thank baby jesus for FedEx and e-commerce.

See my top picks after the jump. All items are on my Xmas list this year. It’s never too late to buy a random blogger stranger a gift when she drops a super subtle hint. Just saying.

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December 10, 2010

Inspiration: SS2011 is bonkers

You know I’ll take any excuse to post some runway up here, but honestly, the Spring/Summer RTW 2011 shows are really inspiring my graphic design work. Often referred to as the “Rainbow Bright” trend that’s enduring a few seasons now, I’m still digging this eclectic-psychedelic-chic thing thats going on. The mix of color, pattern and texture is straight bananas. Now, how to incorporate Prada’s fluorescent raccoon tail stole into a steakhouse menu design…

More inspirational runway images after the jump.

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November 17, 2010


Two design and planning graduates from NC State recently started a line of city inspired t-shirts called CityFabric. The screen-printed shirts feature figure-ground diagrams of cities ranging from Durham, NC to San Francisco. They currently have 17 cities to choose from. Go check out their website and support local business! Now I only need to decide whether I want the shirt for where I live or where I wish I lived…


September 3, 2010

Act Da Fool: Proenza Schouler

This is Harmony Korine’s utterly affecting short film for the Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 campaign. If you don’t remember Harmony, he wrote the movie that we all talked about while smoking cigarettes under the bleachers, Kids. I always feel inclined to justify my appreciation, my fascination and obsession with fashion-this is in many ways no different, albeit magnified by about a trillion. Incidentally, I also always feel inclined to argue the shit against movies like Kids.

I don’t know. I watch this and I just feel ways about it. Not sure what those ways are yet. I’m assuming that’s a bit of the intention and allure. I’m wondering why the more…”intellectual” forums are ignoring it and not attacking it? Maybe because it’s just about pretty clothes. Uh-hu.

I imagine it’s something (however far removed and unfair this comparison is, I’m going to make it anyway) slightly similar to hearing Billie Holiday perform the song, Strange Fruit for the first time.

Or maybe I am a middle-class white girl and the joke’s on me.

Anyway, watch it. The whole thing. Then tell me, what do you feel?


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