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November 9, 2011

Etsy finds: Laptop cases

I just took the plunge and bought a new 15″ MacBook Pro. Though upgrading was long over due, it’s always scary to drop that much money on a computer. I’ve been surfing the web looking for a case for my new friend, and here are some cute options I found on Etsy:

(clockwise from top left)
1. OggoThings
2. JiuJiu
3. BluCase
4. BagyBag


July 13, 2011

puffed peonies

Puffed Peonies is the Etsy shop of Illinois-based artist Brittany Jackson. I love the simple shapes and color palates in her prints, they would go great in any room. I want one for my new apartment! You can check out more prints in her shop.


December 6, 2010


Hello friends.

Yes. Holiday season is upon us, and the gift opportunities are, as usual, endless.
But you know what you really all want on your desk, in your pocket, on your windowsill and above your rearview mirror. AMIGURUMI!!!!

If you don’t know about this awesome ‘movement,’ read up on it here.

Otherwise, enjoy the creatures above.

1. han and leila forever.
2. the cutest narwhal in the world.
3. owls are wise.
4. gnomes are people, too.
5. give peas a chance.
6. petunia, the tree stump.


February 5, 2010

you can afford it friday: aprons


Along with my vintage table linens obsession, I also love aprons. I don’t think I’ve ever worn one in my life, but I have a few from my grandmothers and really, what could be cuter. So in case you do rock aprons, or just like to admire them from afar, here are some favorites under $40.

[1] block printed linen apron, $38 [3] reversible apron, $36 [2] 60′s apron, $23 [4] black & white, $38 [5] plaid apron, $8 [6] grey canvas, $40 [7] vintage mustard apron, $8 [8] green tomato apron/dishtowel, $18 [9] floral, $4.95


November 20, 2009

you can afford it friday

pillow round-up

Hey OK Great! I’m back with the newest You Can Afford it Friday round-up. This time, I’ve got 9 great pillows/pillow covers under $50. Changing out pillows is a great way to spruce up your living room/bedroom/etc, without doing a whole lot or spending a whole lot. And pillow covers are easy to stash in a closet, so you’ve not no storage excuse.

[1] Thermos pillow cover by coucousalut, $25 [2] Bird on linen pillow by Roddy and Ginger, $35 [3] Animal plushies by Tiny Whales, $25 each [4] Wild and Wooly pillow by Anthropologie, $29.95 [5] Duikers in red pillow cover by Skinny Laminx, $35 [6] Genine owl pillow by Urban Outfitters, $28 [7] Miki pillow cover by Maramiki, $34-48 [8] Tatami handprinted pillow cover by Kalla, $30 [9] Geo Pleated pillow by Urban Outfitters, $36

See you next week! As always with OK Great features, if you have a submission we’d love to hear about it. You Can Afford It Fridays submissions or round-up ideas can be sent to me (Ellie) at mintdesignblog [at] gmail [dot] com.


April 14, 2009

Jewelry 2.0

It’s like if Slick Rick met design and they had a weird baby…


Do you love Twitter?  Has it rescued your business from social irrelevance?  Well, show the love with this (cheesy) Tweet necklace.  Yeah, irony!


I don’t even know what to say about the KERN four finger rings.  Alls I know is a) I like design and b) I like Ghostface.  So, I’m into it.  Not quite as retro-cheesy or ironic as mixtape rings or “nerd glasses” necklaces.


Lasercut and cheap as hell, get some!


April 14, 2009

How to go from bad to rad with under $45

Morning all! Today I want to show you how to go from bad to rad with under $45! Some truly awesome products out there that can be purchased right now. Forget everyone who blogs about products we can’t buy yet, these little guys can be added to your cart and shipped to your door step today!

Lake of Salt Shoes – $20!

Lake of Salt Shoes

These shoes are hand dyed and crafted in Utah! At only $20, you could buy a pair for every week of summer. Very flimsy and already worn in, these are perfect for hot nights with shorts. I haven’t had the chance to purchase these yet because I am waiting until August when Chicago warms up for the 3 weeks of summer we have. But overall, I have heard very good things from multiple friends. Plus at $20 you really can’t go wrong! Go get your pair right now (for Men AND Women!)

Veneerware Disposable Bambu Forks – $10!

Bambu Forks and Plates by Veneerware

This eco-friendly dinnerware will ensure your guests think you are modern, while allowing you to do no dishes at the end of the evening. Just eat, enjoy, and throw away. I have yet to try these out, plan to purchase very shortly, but the only thing that makes me wonder is if these will give you splinters. Ouch, let’s not even think about it! But for only $10 the forks, spoons, and knifes will keep your guests thinking your rad. Go get yourself some eating utensils

Onward and Upward Letterpress Print – $10!

Onward and Upward

This nice print created by Seesaw Designs is 8×10″ printed with yellow and blue/aqua on 100% cotton flourescent white Crane’s paper. This will be perfect to set on your shelf or maybe near your computer. Your friends will find it interesting, and at only $10 you can’t go wrong. The artwork is great, the colors will brighten up any room, and the deep indentations of the letterpress printing will keep you drooling year round. Go letterpress shopping

Nate Williams Wallpaper – FREE!

Starry Night by Nate Williams

Nate Williams creates some really amazing work, his illustrations are fluent, yet random, and mingle very well into decades of styling. It’s impossible to niche Nate Williams, but all I know is that his work is a favorite of mine. Nate creates some amazing patterns that you can use for Twitter, or on your desktop! Personally, I use this pattern (titled Starry Night) for my desktop, and in the evening it looks like a piece of artwork! Use your computer as a hub for free art and your friends will be sure to break a grin. For the price of FREE you can’t go wrong. Go get some Nate Williams wallpapers

P.S. I did the math correctly, but I added $5 for shipping, surprise!!


March 31, 2009

Richard Perez

One of our readers hipped me to Richard Perez, a designer & illustrator living in San Fransisco.  Says Richard about getting his start as a designer, “I fell in love with graphic design through old album covers and film posters…”  And you’ll notice on his site, his best work comes in poster or album format.  And since we’re still celebrating the vinyl record’s 60th, Richard’s a fit.



Check out his portfolio site here, his Flickr here and that first set of prints on sale @ oksunshine’s Etsy here.

Thanks, Michael!


March 23, 2009

Yokoo’s Scarves

Art Director, Product Developer, Knitter, Designer Yokoo makes beautiful, over-sized scarves.  I’m particularly into the chain-link scarves.   Check out her Etsy shop here.



I asked Yokoo about her work and this is what she had to say:

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is the worst
of times it is the best of times. The type of time where one can
order a large tomato sub from their computer while writing
an interview, but never receive the order due to the
delivery truck getting held up along the way.

The type of time where I can meet someone online at anytime
in anyplace from any location, but have nothing heartening  to say.
The type of time where one can buy a five dollar table from ikea,
but take 10 hours to awkwardly put it together. The type of time
where our president gives us hope, but the current state of
governing affairs fills us with hopelessness.

Today is the greatest time for an artist to be alive, for your creativity will
endlessly open up new doors of possibilities to move  you in just about
any direction your wit desires. But I also can’t help but to be wrapped with emotions
of great guilt and discomfort for the flagrant tragedies far and near of those who
don’t have this same ability as us.”


Wow.  Deep.  If you can cut through that veritable forest of literary nuance and figure out what any of that really has to do with some cool accessories, maybe you’ll win a cool scarf?

Regardless, check out the site, these would make great gifts!


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