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March 19, 2009

Scenes of Long Acquaintance


Dave Wofford from Horse & Buggy Press wrote to tell us about an exhibit opening in the front room of the BCAC. The show is titled Scenes of Long Acquaintance and features the large format photography of the very talented MJ Sharpe. If that isn’t enough to entice you, the opening will also feature some local brew on hand for imbibing AND Dave will be raffling off tickets to the upcoming Full Frame film festival.





March 9, 2009

Beautify Durham


Over the weekend, the big green construction wall across from our offices was finally hit by a graffiti artist.  Finally.  And although it’s definitely not the most impressive paint in the world, it’s something on that big green canvas.  And it might be the first prominent bit of spray paint I’ve seen around the city.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time in downtown Durham must surely have noticed the disproportionate amount of vacant buildings, big blank walls and construction…So where’s the graffiti?  What’s up, Durham? dsc_0068.jpg
Portland, Maine has more graffiti than us and we all know Maine doesn’t have soul.  Step your game up, painters!


March 6, 2009

Step Aside Meryl Streep, We Run the Awards Game


All of us here at Flywheel & OK Great are thrilled to announce that we’ve won 8 awards at this year’s ADDY’S, including 3 Golds and a “Best of Show”!  Whoooa.

This marks the second year that we’ve walked away from the ADDY’S with eight total wins.  Not bad for a small shop competing with a slew of larger agencies.  Not bad at all.

And how did we celebrate?  I mean, besides spending all of our drink tickets…In true Flywheel fashion, we stumbled back to the studio in the dark of night for a rousing game of post-awards show Knockout.  In dresses and suits.  Classy!

Congratulations are in order for all of my awesome co-workers.  So, Congrats, guys!

You can read a wrapup of this years ADDY’S in today’s News & Observer!

And, of course, you can see more photo’s from the ADDY’S on our Flickr.


February 17, 2009

nevermore film festival


I’m excited about the Nevermore Film Festival at the Carolina Theatre of Durham this weekend. I’m not exactly sure what is so appealing about bad horror movies, but about once every other month I’m really in the mood for one. If you want to check it out, it’s Feb. 20-22 and they will be screening some new horror films from around the world as well as some old favorites.


December 19, 2008

nightlight on sunday


In case you still have some holiday shopping to do, and are avoiding the mall at all costs, and live in the Triangle area of dear old North Carolina – you will be excited to know that there is another art & craft fair this Sunday. This one will be at Nightlight Bar & Club in Chapel Hill [405 1/2 W. Rosemary Street] from 2-6pm Sunday the 21st.

Work for sale will include screen prints, hand printed apparel, jewelry, knit caps and scarves, accessories, notebooks, journals, cd covers and more! The show will feature local artists from the Scrap Exchange’s “Craft Land”, Carrie Reiser, Peter Pendergrass, Sarah Holsapple, Ashley Theresa, Jody Cedzillo as FlyTrap , John Crouch, Yullianna Aparicio as Y.A. Ponce de Leon , Jenni Moore and some surprise artists TBA!

[photo of screen-printed linen napkins by flytrap]


September 15, 2008



For all you Durhamites, Kambui Olujimi has work up at Branch Gallery until the end of October. The rest of you can check his work out on his website. I like what he says about his cloud series:

The Clouds Are After Me explores the anxieties and phobias that permeate the public and private sectors of our lives and nation. Through a series of wanted posters picturing clouds as their perpetrators, I draw parallels to the “elusive”, “ever present dangers” which we are both running from and hunting for.


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