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August 17, 2011

a new leaf.

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bad blogger this month. But, I have a good excuse! Three weeks ago I made a big change and moved from Durham, NC to Cambridge, MA. Then just days after the move I jetted off to spend two weeks traveling around Costa Rica & Panama. And now I’m back and trying to get settled, and I’m starting my career as a 100% freelance designer. I have two semi-regular clients now, and enough work to last me several months, but it’s kind of scary to only be able to plan a couple months in advance. But also quite liberating.

new home work space

So, here’s to my new leaf. I’m excited about freelancing because I will get to have my hands in all parts of the process, but I’m sure I will have a lot to learn. Wish me luck! I hope New England treats me well. I included some photos from my trip after the jump in case you want to daydream about beautiful places.

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May 25, 2011


Do guys remember my friend Jaime VanWart who designed the Tasty Beverage Co. identity? Well, she’s done some more awesome branding for another cool local business. This time the client is Parlour, Durham’s latest food truck addition, a mini school bus turned mobile ice cream parlor. I have yet to try their ice cream, but it is definitely on my to do list!


December 22, 2010

LabourLove Collective

John & Kelly from LabourLove are brave souls.

Want to see my arithmetic on that statement? Check it:

1. They opened a small business.
2. They opened a small business an art gallery.
3. They opened an art gallery in a new development on the edge of downtown.
4. The opened an art gallery in a new development on the edge of downtown at the beginning of the economic collapse.

… and now?

5. They are completely reformatting their business model.

LabourLove has decided to scrap the idea of a traditional gallery model and are starting a collective. Check out the innovative concept after the jump!

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November 17, 2010


Two design and planning graduates from NC State recently started a line of city inspired t-shirts called CityFabric. The screen-printed shirts feature figure-ground diagrams of cities ranging from Durham, NC to San Francisco. They currently have 17 cities to choose from. Go check out their website and support local business! Now I only need to decide whether I want the shirt for where I live or where I wish I lived…


July 12, 2010

Laurie Shipley

Laurie is an awesome illustrator based out of Durham, NC. She’s done loads of apparel & illustration work for the music industry. She also happens to have the most badass freelance gig on the planet… designing custom drum kit wraps for SJC… drool. I always love to see such excellent local talent!


April 23, 2010


It’s one thing to have your work critiqued on a blog by self proclaimed experts, but it’s a whole different ball game to have your work dissected by a professional art critic. The Durham Art Council & The Durham Art Guild are offering local artists that very opportunity next month (May 6th – 8th) when they host art critic Lori Waxman for a 3 day program. The 60 wrds / min format works like this:

“Artists bring in their work and, on a first-come, first-served basis, the critic spends twenty minutes writing them a review of one to two hundred words. She guarantees a thoughtful, critical but not necessarily positive review. The text is then “published” by the receptionist and posted on an adjacent wall for everyone—critic, artist, receptionist, audience—to read.”

It’s a pretty unique idea that will probably get participants and their audience communicating on new levels about the art.


November 11, 2009

Blackarm Bespoke


I am pleased to introduce local designer Kieran Ionescu. I met Kieran a couple of years ago right before he moved to Hungary to apprentice under a master shoe maker. How cool is that!? He’s back in Durham now and he’s started a custom footwear business called Blackarm Bespoke. “Shoes are bench made, one pair at a time, by hand, using traditional methods. Commissions are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.” A lot of thoughtful care goes into each pair of shoes which is completely evident in the final product.

To celebrate the new business, Kieran is teaming up with our friends from Raleigh Denim for a special launch party. The event will be held at Labour Love Gallery in Durham on Saturday, December 5th at 6pm. Be there, fools!


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August 14, 2009

our work: solay


We just got this stationery back from the printer for Solay Counseling & Research Center. This project was interesting because I had to [very carefully] figure out how to replicate the multiply effect as a two color print job. It was also exciting to print on the envelope flap. Now we just have to get the website launched!



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