Thanks to my borderline scary obsession with all things LFC, I stumbled on the agency Uniform, based in Liverpool, by way of a creative tech at the firm. I was really impressed by their work, but more importantly by how they communicated their philosophy and how they work. Often designers or agencies can, ironically, come across fairly convoluted and excessive when trying to communicate their process. I find it especially annoying if they do it only with words. Uniform’s execution, on the other hand, comes across really approachable & succinct. It’s not overwhelmingly detailed (the point is to explain your process to clients, not to your competition), but it also has enough meat that their audience won’t feel short-changed or patronized.

What I really appreciate about the videos, though, is the example they set in how important it is to spend time polishing your own messaging. Spend some time on your own brand, and people will trust you to spend time on theirs. You don’t really want your personal physician to be a 300lb, rock-climbing smoker, do you? You probably do.