UPDATE! Congrats to our winners!  Carolin, Dylan, Brendan and I each picked a winner from the great entries below.  Carolin picked Matt, Dylan picked Amelie, Brendan picked Euan, and I picked Zara.  We’ll each individually be in touch with the winners for your invite code.  For those of you that didn’t win, make sure you follow @Designspiration on twitter or just search twitter for DSPN – lots of folks have invites to go around.

As designers, we’re always looking for fresh content and inspiration to discover and save to help give us that spark that pushes us down that next creative road.  Sites like ffffound have served this purpose for a while, but, let’s be honest – spend 90 seconds on ffffound and you’ll be staring at boobies.  I think it’s like one of those 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon things, but on ffffound, it’s impossible to click through 6 images without ending up in (albeit usually fairly tasteful) nudes – not particularly useful when looking for, say, branding inspiration.

Enter Designspiration, a new venture by Shelby White (aka Wanken, ironically, considering his new site is free of boobies).  White posts regularly on his blog, as well as contributes to the ever-popular ISO50, where he has a pretty in-depth process piece about building DSPN.  Designspiration seems to be off to a good, well-curated start – already some really great content in there.  The site is really well-done too, with few distractions and clever UI enhancements throughout that make searching and discovering pretty fun.  Also, legit attribution, which is nice.

DSPN is an invite-only community (for posting; viewing is open of course), but we have a couple of invites to give away.  Keeping the posting community invite-only ensures that the quality of the content is as high as it can be, but I’m confident that quite a large majority of our faithful readers would be great content curators at DSPN.  So we’re going to give a couple invites away.  Leave a comment below this post with a link to an image that has inspired you lately – Something that really got the creative juices flowing.  We’ll look at the responses and pick a few to offer invites.  Contest closes on Friday.